... and we know what it can do. Hypertise is a tech company with a focus on research and technology. We help businesses maximise their online potential and help define new strategies to improve sales and conversions.


Custom Cloud Environment
Studies have shown every millisecond counts- Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%. Run your website on the RetroCat Hosting platform and we'll find the optimal configuration for your web hosting server to lower your website loading time. What could this mean for our partners? Increased revenue and conversions, which results in a happier business.

Learn the data
Data is the currency of the modern business. Not only does it help you understand your customers and what they want, it can help you understand how customers interact with your business to improve their click rates. We help our VIP partners implement these strategies.

Access the discounts
We're here to save your organisation money- We give our partners access to prices of up to 50% below retail pricing on our Business Cloud. With a reduced IT expenditure, your business can enjoy a better bottom line.

A modern look
Unhappy with your current website? We'll help our free partners create a modern-looking microsite using tools we provide. Our VIP partners can enjoy the efforts of a RetroCat minion to design and prototype new website concepts.

Search engines and SEO
Search engines are how many of your customers will discover your websites. We analyze partner websites to suggest improvements that can increase how their websites are ranked outside of advertising placements- this is known as SEO.

Get Viral
We help our VIP partners design and deploy a wide array of online marketing campaigns within specified marketing budgets, using click data and behavioural analysis to maximise return on investment.