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Free transfers

Are you being hosted by another company and receiving a poor service? We offer free account data transfers to make life easy. Switch to Hypertise and start being treated like a real person.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

You’ll never feel trapped with our service. With our anytime pro-rated refund policy, you’ll be able to get any unused server time back.

Your best business decision

We’re the #1 host for startup businesses because we’ll offer advice about search engine ranking, reveal access to marketing secrets, and help you develop data gathering strategies to improve your marketing ROI. Our advertising program is here when you need it.

We protect our servers

Our systems are automatically monitored for responsiveness and uptime. If a critical issue occurs on your server, our engineers are instantly alerted. We aim for a 99.99% uptime target. Along with enterprise level hardware, we also take active measures to back up data to prevent data loss should the worst happen.

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Dedicated Resources
Site Building software included
Custom [email protected] email
3-year Price lock guarantee! Renewal prices won't unfairly increase.
Premium Plesk server control panel
e-Commerce Shopping Carts
Instant Setup!

About Us

Saying "we're different" is not a meaningless marketing jingle to us
We're here to redefine hosting and advertising

We specialise in web hosting and advertising. Our mission is to disrupt these industries and solve the problems clients have faced over the years. Some hosting companies cram thousands of users onto one server- others outsource their support staff to people with minimal server management experience.

We're here to change that. We think the industry should strive to do more. That's why at Hypertise, our support team are not outsourced- They know the ins and outs of server management, and are here to make sure you get the help and support you might need. With high performance pure SSD servers, and turbocharged features offered as standard, your website will be able to handle 'going viral'.

When you are ready to grow your website or business, we offer unique support in helping you to increase your web traffic and enter new markets.

We try to do things differently in every way we can. We won't try and charge you for "extra features" if it doesn't cost us much. And we'll never 'feature limit' our service behind paywalls.
We offer excellence without compromise. There's a reason more than 95% of our customers would recommend us!*

*Based on May 2018 survey of Hypertise customers who responded.

  • With only one customer per virtual hosting container, you can experience a more reliable and secure service. Less noisy neighbours = a happier you.

  • We offer incredible web-hosting value compared to our competition because we don't try to charge you for the 'little extras'. And with our 3-year price lock guarantee, you won't find any surprises when renewing your service.

  • Don't wait around. With our risk-free refund policy, if you don't like your web hosting plan for any reason, you can claim a refund, with no questions asked. Experience webhosting reimagined.

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